Curation is the key! SR Advisory /Consulting

Organizing, collecting, preserving and making sense the increasingly avalanche of information. Finding signal in the noise.

Curation is a platform for understanding information. Curators will be a trusted editor in managing information overload.

Curation helps make sure that created content doesn’t get lost in the volume of information.

What Skills Do Curators Need?

  • Gather: Aggregate, by seeking out and bringing content together.
  • Filter: Sorting relevant and timely content.
  • Promote: highlight key elements and learning
  • Curate: Gather curated content and produce editorial.
The concept of “Curation” has rapidly moved from museums to mainstream media. As the sheer volume of Tweets, Likes, Blogs, YouTube videos, and emails overwhelm the web, publishers and brands are increasingly being asked to provide a human face to content organization and editorial curation. With the right framework, curation can be a powerful tool to help editorial meet new challenges.

The rate of content produced every day far outpaces our ability to keep up with it. We’re all drowning. And in all the noise, distraction and low-value content, we’re missing the good stuff. And that means our skills and knowledge is becoming less valuable. That’s a dangerous position to be in. But there’s something we can do about it. We can find, filter and share content more effectively to stay smart.

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