Steven Rosenbaum Says:
“Today – Storytelling is shaped by Technology.”


The technology to tell stories in new ways, and the technology for audiences to engage storytelling in new ways is driving the way information is organized, published and shared on the internet.

Technology is an exhilarating, fast-moving, evolving idea that addresses two parallel trends: the explosive growth in data, and our need to be able to find information incoherent, reasonably contextual collections.

No one doubts that we’re shifting, as author Clay Shirky says, from an era of content scarcity to one of content abundance.

And while that seems, on one hand, bountiful, it’s also changing how content is discovered.

So – embrace video. Not just one kind of video. All kinds of video. YouTube video. Facebook Video. Shortform, long-form, user-generated, high-quality professional video.

Use the tools you know, explore and experiment with platforms that are new and emerging. Video is going to change how we teach, how communities work, how consumers are given solutions, media is made and shared.